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Just Read “That Woman”

Published March 22, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

Image       I just finished reading That Woman, the new book by author, Reuters journalist and lecturer Anne Sebba. The title refers to the term often used by the then-Queen and others in the British Royal circle to describe my client Wallis Simpson, who went on to become the Duchess of Windsor.

Did I enjoy the book?  Not really.  In fairness, it’s wonderfully researched, I’m sure.  And for history buffs it’s no doubt a delight because great detail has gone in to describing the people and places involved in the story. It relies heavily on letters and documents of the time, many of which have just recently been made available.

 The book is a study of Wallis Simpson beginning with her early years and following through to her meeting and eventually marrying the former King Edward VIII after he abdicated the throne for her, feeling he could not fulfill his duties without her by his side.

But I feel that the book, for all its historical detail, lacks the romance and excitement that was part of their lives, at least during times that I knew them. In particular, I was shocked to find that only one page had been devoted to famed partygiver Elsa Maxwell, and then no mention was made of her full relationship with the couple.

In reality, I met the Duke and Duchess through Elsa.  She introduced me to them because she said the Duchess loved “fortunetellers”, as she called psychics in those days.  The Duke tolerated me and was often rushing off to a golf game but would say “hello” and then seem very pleased that I was giving a reading to his wife because he saw the pleasure it brought her.

During the years that I gave readings on and off to the Duchess and spoke to Elsa Maxwell, Elsa told me that she acted as a “broker” for the couple, arranging a hefty fee for them to appear at parties.  Elsa would then take a percentage of the fee they were given.  Sometimes the fee would be $15,000 she told me; sometimes it would be in the neighborhood of $25,000.

Elsa was very much a part of their lives.  And whether they were paid for attending or not, they did enjoy themselves.  That Woman paints a picture of a constant struggle throughout their lives.  I’m sure that they did struggle and I can verify, as mentioned in the book, that the Duke insisted on everyone in their environment referring to the Duchess as “Her Royal Highness”, even though she’d been denied the title by the Queen.

I found them to be a very loving couple – he perhaps was more in love with her than she with him – or it may have been that she was just the stronger and more businesslike person and he acted more with his emotions.

I wish I could recommend the book completely.  It may offer a couple of new and rather scandalous theories on their sexual lives, but otherwise to me it lacks the warm feeling I’d have liked to find.


My Favorite Mystery Author MARY HIGGINS CLARK

Published March 18, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

ImageI recently received a lovely letter from my favorite mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark.  We met at a luncheon through a mutual friend. I’m including a photo in this post.  She is so warm and wonderful, it’s no wonder her books sell so well.

I’m always delighted that Mary includes psychics in the plot of many of her novels, and wonder if that will be the case in her new book, The Lost Years (see link below) in light of the fact that it has to do with the Roman Catholic Church?  I can’t wait to read it.

I’m also hoping to make it out to the USC Campus here in Los Angeles for the Los Angeles Times Book Festival the end of April.  Mary is there nearly every year and it would be wonderful to see her again.  Here’s hoping many of her fans will have a chance to meet her there.

<a target=”_blank” href=”″>the lost years </a><img src=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />



Looking for Love? Burn a Yellow Candle

Published March 12, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

A client of mine came to see me recently about problems in her marriage.  I reminded her about the meditation method I’ve recommended for years…and thought maybe it would be helpful to share it with you on this page. The meditation method is simple and doesn’t require you to sit in a hard chair for a long period of time.  And the colors of candles I recommend using are for visualization purposes.  The colors were given to me by my spirit guides during my own meditation session one day.

For love — either to improve an existing relationship or to find a new love — I recommend burning a yellow candle.  All of the candles should be tall, dinner-style candles — non-scented.  Just place the candle in a simple holder – you don’t want any distractions from your visualization.

If you are in a relationship (as my client is) but want it to either continue or improve, while you’re burning the candle, visualize the relationship as you’d like it to be.  Believe that this improvement has already begun.  See less fights — more understanding — more tenderness — whatever you desire.

If you’re looking for a lasting relationship, while the candle is burning, visualize yourself happy in a love situation.  Repeat, “The love that I seek, seeks me.”  Ask for love to enter your life — a love that is right for you.  Again, believe that you are already in a happy and committed relationship. Ask your spirit guides and loved ones to help you with your love situation.

I suggest only burning the candle for 5 minutes at a time because your spirits can then get busy and work for you.  You can feel free to burn the candle again at another time…or burn it at the same time the next day.  Please do NOT leave the candle burning for unlimited periods of time, because the power comes in the short amount of time, but full concentration, that you can give to it. 

When you have completed your meditation/visualization, blow out the candle and get as much smoke as you can in the palms of your hands.  This makes your connection with the candle complete.  Then try to release your situation to the higher forces and know that you have done your part in helping yourself.

For a full list of my candles or the meditation technique, you can find it in my book I STILL TALK TO… (I’ve placed a link at this blog) or at my web site,  At the site, you’ll find a section about ordering pamphlets — there is one available for meditation.  You can also order a meditation stone from me at the web site, and specify your problem – whether it’s love or finances or career, etc.  For the cost of postage and handling only, I’ll send you the appropriate stone that has been blessed by me.  The stone can be used with the candle meditation or in place of it so that you can carry it with you, keep it in your desk drawer, etc.


My book that includes Marilyn Monroe

Published March 9, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

My book that includes Marilyn Monroe

I’ve received a couple of personal messages on Facebook from people who wonder if I’ve written more about Marilyn Monroe and my association with her.  Actually I’ve been featured in several books about Marilyn…but I included an entire chapter about her in my book I STILL TALK TO…, and the link is here. Lots of info about when we spent time together and a spirit contact with her following her passing.  <iframe src=”” style=”width:120px;height:240px;” scrolling=”no” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Latest Info on Marilyn Monroe

Published March 9, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

A foreign television crew came over to my home recently to interview me.  We taped the interview in my den, which has countless photos of my clients and friends. But most importantly it has a large table and 4 chairs where I do my psychic readings.  The table and chairs were given to me by my friend and client, legendary Marilyn Monroe.  She was wonderful about spontaneously giving presents…and one day, my doorbell rang and deliverymen brought in the furniture!

The recent television crew asked if there was a significance to the table and chairs being mostly red in color.  I said that I’d recently had them refinished in honor of Marilyn.  When she gave me the set, the chairs were not red…and the wood itself was cream-colored.  But I always used a red tablecloth.  When I refinished the items not long ago I decided to go even further with the red theme, and here’s why:  I’d always told Marilyn (and all of my clients) that red is an energy color and helps to attract spirits.  Red helps to bring in spirit energy and energy in general, so if you’re feeling tired, carry something red or look at something red.

Marilyn followed my advice and as long as I knew her, always wore something red or carried something red.  She’d leave something red in a dressing room on a set — always surrounding herself with at least something red to give her energy and so that she could feel protected by spirits.  She giggled one time when I said I didn’t see her wearing anything red:  “Kenny – you might not see it, but it’s pinned in my bra!”

I haven’t taken a recent photo of the table and chairs, but the photo that’s been posted on this blog is at least of the table and chairs in their former condition…and the gold and crystal candelabra on the table is also a gift from Marilyn.  We’d been shopping one day to furnish her home on 5th Helena in Brentwood and I’d admired the candelabra.  She slipped away from me for a moment and when we left the store, she presented me with the item as a gift.

By the way, I was contacted recently by Marilyn in spirit and she told me she’s flattered and amused with all the recent attention on her, as a result of  the film “My Week with Marilyn” and now the television show “Smash”.  She says her favorite part of “Smash” is Anjelica Huston.  “Tell Anjelica that her daddy (famed director John Huston) is guiding her and often on set with her”, Marilyn said.  Marilyn said she admired John Huston as a director.

I’ll have more on Marilyn and other famous clients and friends as time goes by.  Have a wonderful, energy-filled day!


Affirmation for today: “Only Believe; All Things are Possible if you Only Believe.”

Published March 1, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

From time to time I’ll share affirmations with you — these are positive sayings that you can repeat any time you wish.  Believe in them – trust in the words as you say them.  You might want to write them down and place them on your desk, inside a cupboard, or anywhere you can refer to them.

Today’s affirmation, “Only Believe; All Things are Possible if you Only Believe” is especially powerful, in my opinion.  Believe that you can accomplish whatever you desire.  In fact, go beyond positive thinking and actually believe that you’ve achieved your goals.  Don’t think, “I wish I would get a promotion at work.”  Instead, say, “Now that I have the promotion, I can accomplish more on the job and have more money to pay bills.”  Don’t think, “I wish I had love in my life.”  Instead, say, “I am loved and appreciated.”  This doesn’t take the place of going forward and working towards your goal, but believe first of all that you are worthy of what you desire and that nothing need stand in your way.  You can do it, Sweet Spirit!