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Richard Chamberlain to appear in “The Heiress”

Published April 25, 2012 by valerietalksbooks


       I had a nice chat with talented actor Richard Chamberlain at a party, and I wanted to share the photo with you.    I’m sure many of you have enjoyed him throughout the years, from “Dr. Kildare” to “The Thorn Birds” to “Desperate Housewives”.  He appeared onstage here in Los Angeles in “The Sound of Music” and will be appearing at the legendary Pasadena Playhouse in a production of “The Heiress” through May 20, 2012.  It promises to be a fascinating night of theatre and I encourage you to attend if you can.  For information on the play, contact


Awards in Hugh Jackman’s Future

Published April 21, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

   I had the pleasure of spending some time backstage with multi-talented Hugh Jackman when he appeared on Broadway  a  few  years ago in “The Boy from Oz.” As many of you know, this was the story of singer/songwriter Peter Allen’s life.  I had done some television appearances with Peter Allen in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and had unofficially been his psychic advisor.

During Hugh’s performance, I saw Peter Allen in spirit onstage with Hugh and knew that I had to go backstage afterwards to tell him about the spirit appearance and the message I received from Peter.

We had a wonderful chat (see photo) and I told Hugh – before the Tony nominations – that he would win the coveted Tony for his performance.  Happily, he did so.

I’ve recently seen some advance photos from the new film he’s making – the musical version of the popular “Les Miserables.”  Hugh – get an acceptance speech ready because I see more awards in your future after the film debuts!


Published April 12, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

Friday the 13th…knocking on wood…black cats…spilling salt.  Do these and other superstitions have you feeling uneasy – or at the very least, curious?

I thought I’d stop by here to share a few words with you about some of the most popular superstitions. For example – do you know where the negativity surrounding Friday the 13th originated?  It began in Biblical times.  There were 13 seated at the Last Supper.  It was believed that when 13 were at a table, the first to leave the table would be the first to pass away.  Judas left first…and was the first to pass away.  The Crucifixion was held on a Friday.  So, putting the two together, Friday the 13th came to hold negative connotations.

And what about knocking on wood?  How many times have you said, “I think I got the job I applied for…knock on wood.”  In ancient Celtic times, it was believed that the spirits lived in trees.  Trees translate to wood – therefore, if you knocked on wood (in those days, trees), you would get the attention of the spirits when you were mentioning something that you wanted to have happen (or something that you wanted to avoid happening).

We’ve all heard about the supposed negative energy caused by a black cat crossing our path.  Again in ancient times, black cats were associated with being the companions of witches, and therefore supposedly were capable of causing evil things to happen.

Have you ever spilled salt and then tossed some over your left shoulder?  Do you know why you did it?  It was once beleived that the Devil lurked over our left shoulder, waiting to cause harm.  Salt is associated with the life force.  If you spilled salt (your life force) you were risking harm coming to you…but if you threw the salt over your left shoulder, you’d hit the Devil in the eye and he would be unable to focus on harming you!

I find these superstitions fun and amusing.  But in each case (including Friday the 13th), I prefer to not take them seriously.  I’ve had very good things happen to me on Friday the 13th.  To me, it’s all in the way we perceive things.  If we expect negativity — ANY day of the month or year — we attract it to us.  Instead, expect good, positive things, and you can overcome any supposed “evil.”   


Greta Garbo’s Spirit Suggests Charlize Theron to Play Her

Published April 8, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

The Saturday night before Easter, five of us gathered at my table in my reading room. We had a red candle burning and held a seance, primarily because I’d been hearing whispers in my ear for a few days prior to Saturday and the voice belonged to my client and friend, legendary and reclusive actress Greta Garbo.  I knew that Garbo must have a message to relay and that a  seance would be the best way to receive more detailed information.

The first person to arrive in spirit was Garbo’s great friend (and mine), famed nutritionist and constant companion Gayelord Hauser. We greeted his spirit and he said, “I am so happy to be here and I am bringing you our dear friend, who passed away many years ago on Easter. Kenny – you should know who I am talking about since you knew her well as her psychic/medium. Here she is – the Magnificent Garbo.”

She arrived dressed all in blue and looked beautiful. She said, “Thank you all.  I am so pleased to be here.  I came particularly because many years ago tomorrow (Easter) I passed to the spirit world. I would like to be remembered and I have been wanting to tell you that I would like Charlize Theron to play me in a film based on my life.  She has the charisma that everyone said I had.  Thank you for welcoming Gaylelord and myself so warmly.”

With this, they returned to the Heavens.  And I am sharing this message in hopes that Ms. Theron might consider pursuing such a project. 

Developing Your Psychic Ability

Published April 1, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

How many of you feel you may have psychic ability?  Do you hear noises or see things out of the corner of your eye? Have you ever felt that something was going to happen…and it did? I received a couple of questions on my Facebook page from a woman named Lisa and it seemed like a good idea to answer them here – since hopefully many of you can relate to the topic.

Lisa asked how I receive my messages. She wanted to know what I see or hear.  And she said she hears a high-pitched sound now and then when people are talking to her or about her and she wonders if this could be clairaudience.

Let me explain what the art of clairaudio is.  It’s the ability to hear a spirit voice, either by itself or on top of another person’s voice.  For example, when I’m giving psychic readings over the telephone or on radio shows, I may be talking to a person here on Earthplane, but in addition I may hear a spirit say, “Tell her to be careful next Tuesday around the steps of a building where she has a meeting planned.”  Sometimes I don’t hear full sentences and there will only be key words or a name. But a psychic/medium such as myself is tuned in enough to interpret what is being said.

As many of you know, I was born psychic.  When I was very young, a good friend of my mother’s was legendary actress Mae West.  Mae was very psychic herself and wrote her plays and screenplays while in trance.  She encouraged me to develop my abilities with clairaudio and would often call to speak to my mother but first ask me a question and tell me to give the first answer that came into my head. 

When I give messages pertaining to things I am seeing, it may be a symbol such as a bridge, or a broken engagement ring. Or I may see the face of someone, often surrounded by a mist which we call ectoplasm.

To answer Lisa’s question – yes, it could very well be possible that the high-pitched sound she hears is a spirit voice trying to get through. Spirits vibrate on different frequencies from those on Earthplane, which is why they often attach themselves to electronic devices such as lights, televisions, etc. to gain energy.

Lisa — you may have the beginning of psychic ability and it could be well worth your while to develop it.You might sit with a red, non-scented, dinner-style candle for 5 minutes at a time and ask that a spirit guide or loved one come in and make their voice heard.

 I feel that people can’t create psychic ability if they don’t have it to begin with.  We are either born with the potential or not.  But if we ARE born with it, it can be fine-tuned and developed.  I might suggest that you visit my web site, where I offer pamphlets on developing your ability, since there is only so much I can say about the subject here.  If you go to you should be able to get the information you need. Pamphlet #1 is an introduction to developing your ability and Pamphlet #2 takes the development one step further.