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What to Expect (and NOT to expect) from a Psychic/Medium

Published May 1, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

I received a comment regarding a previous post of mine and it brought up an interesting point I’d like to share with you.  In case you haven’t read the comment – it dealt with the fact that it would be nice if I could see an award in actor Richard Chamberlain’s future, much the same as I’d seen in the future for actor/singer Hugh Jackman, I assume.

So in answer to that comment, and to perhaps help some of you understand what psychics or psychic/mediums can and cannot do, I’ll respond:

First – yes, it would be nice if I could predict a major award ahead for Richard Chamberlain in his upcoming appearance at the famed Pasadena Playhouse.  I think he’s a very fine actor and I’m sure the production will be well-received.  But — this information is not something I am picking up psychically.  A psychic cannot or SHOULD NOT tell you something just because you would like to hear it.  Psychics must tell the truth about what messages they are receiving.

Also, psychics or psychic/mediums cannot tell you when someone is going to pass away.  That is the Master’s job, or a higher force’s job, and even those higher forces are subject to change.  We can offer warnings to you about your own health or that of a loved one, but primarily in the sense of suggesting that a doctor should be seen, or certain tests taken.  We do not prescribe medicine.

Psychics also cannot or should not offer gambling advice.  I have always felt that in addition to bringing through your loved ones in spirit,  my gift is to help people with their career, love life or business decisions.  I can offer financial advice in those terms – telling you dates or names that might help you make good business or career moves.  But gambling is not something I will deal with because I feel my gifts could be taken from me if I were to dabble in something that unimportant.

Psychics or mediums are also not there for you simply to answer your questions.  The way that I conduct my readings is to tell you what I’m picking up from spirit voices or images and then following that if I have not already touched upon an area you wanted to discuss, there is always time for you to ask any questions.

I would also advise you to beware of any psychic who professes to be 100% accurate.  We are human, and can always leave room for misinterpretation of a message. One case might be that a spirit might speak very softly, or with an accent, which could cause slight confusion.  Having said that, my accuracy has always been stated at 92%, which I consider to be very high. 

Lastly — once a psychic has given you information and made suggestions on what direction to take in your life, the rest is up to you.  It makes no sense to just sit back and wait for a prediction to come true – you must help MAKE it come true.  No one will come knocking on your door to offer you their hand in marriage, or to offer you a job.  You must make an effort to meet new people and make your wants and desires known, either in business or pleasure.

We as psychics can provide you with a roadmap of life, so to speak.  Then you as our clients are in the driver’s seat to follow that roadmap and make the most of your life.