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My Client Marilyn Monroe’s 50th Anniversary of Passing

Published August 3, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

Imagine! Fifty years ago this weekend, the world lost a legend — and she is still one of the most iconic figures of all time.  Her name is Marilyn Monroe. 

Three days before she passed, in August 1962, my telephone rang in the early evening.  I answered and the voice said, “Hello You; This is Me.” I started to laugh and said, “Come on, Marilyn.  No one is listening.”  She laughed, too.  We had started using this private greeting so that no one would recognize her when she called me.  But I knew the phone call this evening was private and we could talk freely.  It was then that she told me she was not going to a party a couple of days later at Peter Lawford’s beach house because she wanted to rest and be refreshed for her press conference that coming Monday.  I had been going to escort her to the party. 

The details of my relationship with Marilyn both as psychic and as friend can be read in detail in an article written about me several months ago.  It can be found at

One update I can reveal since that article was written is that in a recent communication with Marilyn’s spirit, she said that she is delighted that “Blonde”, the proposed film about her life starring Naomi Watts, was put on hold and that Brad Pitt has now shown interest in producing the film.  Marilyn has been fascinated with Pitt for some time and in fact several years ago, when her Brentwood home was put on the market, she’d come to me in spirit to say, “Kenny, I wish Brad Pitt and his longtime partner Angelina Jolie would purchase the home.  I believe in their love and feel that they and their many children would bring the joy to the home that was missing when I lived there.”   They did not make the purchase, but perhaps now Pitt can be associated with Marilyn after all, through the film.

Marilyn’s last words to me in the phone call that August evening many years ago were, “Kenny – love is the one immortal thing about us.  Without love, what else can life mean?”  It’s safe to say, dear Marilyn, that the world continues to love you to this day.