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Happy Halloween, Sweet Spirits!

Published October 23, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

As many of you prepare to take your children trick-or-treating, or as you prepare to attend a Halloween party yourself — have you given any thought to the origins of Halloween?

It began as an ancient Celtic belief, which they referred to as All Hallows Eve.  The thought was that it was the one night of the year when spirits were closer to Earth and therefore could more easily contact us and vice versa.

But as any medium will tell you, or as anyone who believes in the spirit world knows, it is possible to contact or be contacted by those on the other side any day of the year — no need to wait for October 31!

All it takes is an open mind and some expert tips on spirit contact, which I will gladly share with you here:

Most importantly, don’t doubt yourself where spirit contact is concerned.  If you are open to the concept of communicating with the other side, it’s very likely that you may very well be receiving messages from loved ones and friends in spirit.  Have you ever felt a cold breeze blow by, even though no doors or windows were open?  Have you thought you saw a shadow or mist out of the corner of your eye?  Maybe you have even thought you’ve heard a faint voice calling your name.  If this happens to you, don’t necessarily dismiss it as your imagination.  Instead, pause and talk to the spirit.  Say, “Mom — is that you?”  Then wait to hear if a rap or tap follows. 

I urge you to say, “If you’re a good spirit, you’re welcome.”  Always preface any spirit contact with this phrase, because you certainly don’t want to encourage a negative spirit to make an appearance. 

It’s often helpful to establish a code for communicating, such as one knock for yes, two for no, or whatever you decide is your preference.  Then share your code out loud as you talk to the spirits, and wait to see what develops. This can help with the process of elimination in determining just who the spirit is who has arrived, for you can say, for example, “If you are my sister Ellen, rap once for yes.” It can take some time — remember that it takes great energy for spirits to enter our Universe once again.

As you may know, I believe strongly in meditating with various colored candles to help with certain situations.  For spirit contact, I suggest the color red.  Red is an energy color and spirits seem to be attracted to it.  So try sitting with a tall, dinner-style, non-scented red candle for about 5 minutes at a time, calling out to the spirits and then waiting for their response.  You don’t need to precisely time the meditation, but don’t work so long that you overtire yourself or those on the other side. Then blow out the candle and get the smoke in the palms of your hands, to complete the connection with the candle and the spirit.

We can’t demand that a particular spirit come in.  We can only request.  Spirits are very busy on the other side and as I said, it often takes a tremendous  amount of effort on their behalf to make an appearance, particularly if they are not experienced with contacting those of us on Earth. Be patient…and be open to the possibility that another spirit might come in instead — often it might be someone who is a messenger on behalf of the one you were planning to contact.  Or it might be a spirit who has a more important message to relay at the moment.  And I can’t stress enough that you repeat “If you’re a good spirit, you’re welcome”, because you want to only open yourself up to the positive spirit energy around you.

Above all, please do not attempt to hold a seance alone or even with like-minded friends.  This is best left in the hands of an experienced medium because you are otherwise too vulnerable to negative entities.  The same applies to the use of a Ouija board.  This is not a game, Sweet Spirits!  I cannot tell you the amount of times people have come up to me at a lecture or book signing and relayed very frightening experiences with the Ouija board, because a negative spirit preyed upon them.

When in doubt, it’s my opinion that you should leave a detailed spirit contact to the expert hands of an experienced medium.  But this is not to say that you can’t fully enjoy and receive comfort from brief encounters with your spirit loved ones on your own. 

 My wish for you, not only on Halloween but on any one of the 365 days a year, is that you and the spirit world can share a very special and rewarding rendezvous.