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Lucille Bliss – Inspiration to Us All

Published November 17, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

My dear friend, voice actress Lucille Bliss, passed recently at the age of 96.  I’d met her in San Francisco many, many years ago and our friendship continued through the years.  Lucille was a voice actress, as she referred to herself – she did voiceovers for some of the most famous animated characters and she will be missed. 

She was the voice of Smurfette in the popular 1980s television hit “The Smurfs”. Before that, Lucille did the voice for Crusader Rabbit in the earlier days of television and she was stepsister Anastasia in Disney’s 1950 film “Cinderella”.  While we were both living in San Francisco, I invited Lucille to appear as Cinderella herself in a stage production I was involved in producing.  And in the early 1990s Lucille was a guest on my television show, “The Psychic World of Kenny Kingston”, that was syndicated to the East Coast.

What’s remarkable about Lucille?  Well, her vocal capabilities, of course.  And she was a true professional, always arriving on time and doing her job beautifully.  She had a childlike innocence about her, yet it was evident that she was a keen businesswoman.  But most of all, she continued working till just shortly before her passing.

This is an inspiration for all of us.  How many times have you heard someone say, or perhaps been guilty yourself of saying, “I’m too old to continue working”?  Have you or a loved one been afraid of trying a new career or venture because you thought it was too late in life to take a chance?  Or have you thought your age would work against you in becoming employed?  Think of Lucille and know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and in your talents. 

The animation world lost a legend but the spirit world gained a lovely lady.  Enjoy a rest at last, Lucille.


Updated Info on Aura Reading

Published November 7, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

I’ve had a few personal messages from people on my Facebook page after linking my blog to it.  They asked about the aura readings and what might be a reason to have one done.  Thought I’d give some suggestions.  Your own aura reading can reveal personality traits that are revealed by your face and your aura that you might not even be aware of.  Aura readings can tell you lucky periods for you in business or love.  They can tell you areas of your life to focus on and what your strong and weak points are.

And here’s something that I’ve always known and have offered in aura readings…but apparently not everyone thinks of using a reading for this purpose.  I had a couple of people ask me if I could do a reading on someone they had a “crush” on.  One woman has been romantically interested in a friend of hers and wondered what the reading might reveal about him before she attempted to pursue a romance.  Another person asked if they could send a photo of a potential business partner to see if that person would be a good “fit” as a career partner.  So — send a photo of yourself by all means.  OR, send a photo of a friend or loved one and give them the reading as a gift.  AND, know that you can send a photo of anyone you know whose personality you’d like to more about.  It’s a great way to get insight into a potential relationship or working situation BEFORE becoming committed!

Holiday Special – FREE Aura Reading with book Purchase

Published November 3, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

I’m happy to offer a special to help you in gift-giving (including a gift to yourself!) this year.  Anyone who purchases one of my books will receive a FREE aura reading from me!  That’s a $15 value.  Remember – auras can tell us about our physical, mental, emotional and career/love possibilities.  The aura reading can help you recognize and capitalize on special traits you possess, to make the most of your life.  For those of you who have wanted a reading from me but have hesitated for lack of funds or courage (!), now is the time.

The books are:  I STILL TALK TO…, about my experiences with many of my clients and friends when they were alive, and my spirit contacts with them now, on the other side.  Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley, James Dean — are just a few who are in the book.  Another book is MAKING YOUR GOALS A REALITY.  This book is motivational in nature and discusses most common problems/challenges we face today and ways to overcome them.  There are many positive affirmations to repeat for success.  And my latest book, THE MOMENT, is motivational as well. 

Each book is $15…and when you order, don’t forget in addition to specifying which book you’d like, to include a color photo of yourself or of the person whose aura you would like me to read.  I will e-mail you the reading or send it with the book.

Mail the $15 to:  Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91604…or send by PayPal to, and mark the subject line Aura Reading/Book Order.

If I do say so myself – this is a great offer that I am happy to pass along!  Happy Holidays to all of you, Sweet Spirits!

Before Obama – before Bush, before many others — my experiences with Presidents

Published November 3, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

Long before the current administration or even the past few administrations, there were two U.S. Presidents who have stood the test of time in terms of popularity and historical importance — President Harry Truman and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  I had the privilege of giving psychic readings to both of these men on several occasions and in my current column in Bellesprit Magazine I write about it.  I invite you to visit the magazine’s web site, and read the column online.  Should you have any trouble accessing the article directly, go to the magazine’s home page, click on Columnists at the top, and scroll down to find my name.  My columns will be listed there — hope you enjoy them!