Updated Info on Aura Reading

Published November 7, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

I’ve had a few personal messages from people on my Facebook page after linking my blog to it.  They asked about the aura readings and what might be a reason to have one done.  Thought I’d give some suggestions.  Your own aura reading can reveal personality traits that are revealed by your face and your aura that you might not even be aware of.  Aura readings can tell you lucky periods for you in business or love.  They can tell you areas of your life to focus on and what your strong and weak points are.

And here’s something that I’ve always known and have offered in aura readings…but apparently not everyone thinks of using a reading for this purpose.  I had a couple of people ask me if I could do a reading on someone they had a “crush” on.  One woman has been romantically interested in a friend of hers and wondered what the reading might reveal about him before she attempted to pursue a romance.  Another person asked if they could send a photo of a potential business partner to see if that person would be a good “fit” as a career partner.  So — send a photo of yourself by all means.  OR, send a photo of a friend or loved one and give them the reading as a gift.  AND, know that you can send a photo of anyone you know whose personality you’d like to more about.  It’s a great way to get insight into a potential relationship or working situation BEFORE becoming committed!


One comment on “Updated Info on Aura Reading

  • Hey Hi,Its really nice to know about aura readings and the way you explained it is really nice and it really helped me to know about it very well.once again Thank you so much!!!!

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