Lucille Bliss – Inspiration to Us All

Published November 17, 2012 by valerietalksbooks

My dear friend, voice actress Lucille Bliss, passed recently at the age of 96.  I’d met her in San Francisco many, many years ago and our friendship continued through the years.  Lucille was a voice actress, as she referred to herself – she did voiceovers for some of the most famous animated characters and she will be missed. 

She was the voice of Smurfette in the popular 1980s television hit “The Smurfs”. Before that, Lucille did the voice for Crusader Rabbit in the earlier days of television and she was stepsister Anastasia in Disney’s 1950 film “Cinderella”.  While we were both living in San Francisco, I invited Lucille to appear as Cinderella herself in a stage production I was involved in producing.  And in the early 1990s Lucille was a guest on my television show, “The Psychic World of Kenny Kingston”, that was syndicated to the East Coast.

What’s remarkable about Lucille?  Well, her vocal capabilities, of course.  And she was a true professional, always arriving on time and doing her job beautifully.  She had a childlike innocence about her, yet it was evident that she was a keen businesswoman.  But most of all, she continued working till just shortly before her passing.

This is an inspiration for all of us.  How many times have you heard someone say, or perhaps been guilty yourself of saying, “I’m too old to continue working”?  Have you or a loved one been afraid of trying a new career or venture because you thought it was too late in life to take a chance?  Or have you thought your age would work against you in becoming employed?  Think of Lucille and know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and in your talents. 

The animation world lost a legend but the spirit world gained a lovely lady.  Enjoy a rest at last, Lucille.


2 comments on “Lucille Bliss – Inspiration to Us All

  • Judy – I wanted to share some thoughts on Lucille Bliss since she just passed away. But — regarding my dear friend Phyllis Diller, I hope you’ll read my column in Bellesprit Magazine after December 1 — the whole column is about two friends and comedic talents — Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my tribute to both of them. Go to to read my past columns, and then in December, you’ll see what I have to say about Phyllis Diller, and I agree – she was a talented and wonderful woman. Kenny.

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